The Romance of Writing

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The Romance of Writing: By Devani Alderson

Imagine a cafe in Paris. You know? With the cute little outside table, a fluffy buttery croissant, pretty latte with foam art that immediately makes you want to post an Instagram. #InstaCoffee #ShouldBeWriting #ParisLife.

Your MacBook with the blank word screen, or if you’re a pro, Scrivener is open. #AmWriting.  Or not.


Romance vs Reality: 

When I was growing up, the idea of “being a writer” compelled me more than the actual craft itself.  It was so glamorous.   Travel the world, write stories that people who flock to the bookshelves (or Amazon) to fangirl about, movies based on the books. Just the thought of all that sounds so incredible. The potential and possibility.

Then I actually started writing. Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard. How it was done didn’t really matter, though I much preferred the Word processing. It had spellcheck.

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